High Heel Fetish is a Thing

There’s something about high heels that just screams sex. They’ve been proven to instantly increase a female’s attractiveness and are often associated with authority and power while remaining almost synonymous with femininity (much to the chagrin of modern feminists). Obsession with high heels is on the rise, and the love of all things stiletto has spawned a type of sexual fetishism called a high-heel fetish. But just because it’s fairly new doesn't mean it isn’t common. In fact, having a fetish for high heels is actually a super common type of sexual fantasy. High-Heel Fetish Facts: What Does is all Mean? Not all fetishes are created equal, but the definition of a fetish remains the same: it’s a pronounced sexual interest in something that isn’t typically thought of as sexual. A high-heel fetish is a specific type of shoe fetish in which a person has an erotic interest in high heels and can achieve arousal and maybe even sexual satisfaction from the shoes. A person with a hi…
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