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A safer, uncensored social media experience for adult profiles, casual sex dating and erotic exposure.

Oni is redefining how social media should be, by unifying the adult industry into its own platform. A community of stars, providers, fans, followers, customers, and clients, Oni blends news, topics, and media into a familiar, yet innovative social media atmosphere.

As easy to use as traditional social media platforms, we already use every day. Promote your OnlyFans, Pornhub, Private Instagram and Snapchat within your Oni Profile. Gain more followers or connect with like minded adults across New Zealand without shame.

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Only the best social features that keep us connected are here with incredible enhancements. Connect, share, and engage with like-minded adults all over New Zealand.

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Oni is the ultimate social platform for like-minded adults. An uncensored, unfiltered experience without the fear of shadow banning, blocked, or account deletion for merely being a responsible adult.


an online meeting space where adult Kiwis can discuss, share experiences, and discuss a wide variety of topics involving everything erotic.


connect with other members easily with our free membership. Make friends, follow, leave a star review
and send messages in a private environment.


You can create or join a group to connect, learn and share with adult Kiwis who have similar interests. Groups can be public or private.

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Oni NZ allows you to create a profile that represents you in a safe envirement online.
No matter if its to connect with others or just to promote your social links, like OnlyFans.
With Oni NZ you’l be able to utilise our free services and feel comfortable to express yourself.

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1. (verb) to wriggle, move, make sensual movements, make lascivious movements, make erotic movements.

I mahia e rāua ki te oni, ā, kata ana a Kae.
They performed erotic movements and Kae laughed.

2. (verb) to perform sexual intercourse, copulate, have sex.

Ngaro atu ana te tokorua rā ki ngā rarauhe ki te oni.
That couple disppeared into the bracken fern to have sex.

3. (verb) to be almost, close to (of time).

Kua oni atu ki te iwa karaka..
It’s nearly nine o’clock.

4. (noun) wriggling, making sensual movements, making lascivious movements, erotic dancing.

Ka haka ngā wāhine rā, ka kōrero i ngā pūrākau, tē kata a Kae. Kia mahi rā anō rātou i te oni ka kata a Kae.
Those women danced and told stories, but Kae would not laugh. It was not until they did erotic dances that Kae laughed.

A safer social space for Adults

Oni is one of the only social media networks that has implemented a free, optional member verification method. We invite you to share in our vision for a safer social media platform for all responsible adults and become part of the solution.

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