A Survey Shows Top 10 Sexual Kinks During COVID-19 Lockdown

Life is lived online, that is, one of the most radical changes COVID-19 lockdown has brought. From the way we learn, work, to the way we satisfy primal urges, everything has gone virtual in the past few weeks. Even BDSM play has moved online as people turn to cybersex during COVID-19 lockdown. A recent survey from a BDSM dating app KinkD finds that virtual kinky play topped the list of 10 top kinks during COVID-19 lockdown.

According to KinkD, 3495 users on its app took the survey, responding to selection for the most-practised one out of 18 common kinky plays during COVID-19 lockdown. Results reveal that virtual sex led the list, with almost one-fourth of respondents voting for it.

The 10 top kinks during this special period, in order are Virtual Sex, Dom/Sub, Orgasm Control, Bondage, Anal Play, Age Play, Foot Fetish, Role Play, Voyeurism and Sadism/Masochism.

"It is a little bit unexpected, but still make sense. In fact, virtualization of BDS…

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