There’s something about high heels that just screams sex. They’ve been proven to instantly increase a female’s attractiveness and are often associated with authority and power while remaining almost synonymous with femininity (much to the chagrin of modern feminists). Obsession with high heels is on the rise, and the love of all things stiletto has spawned a type of sexual fetishism called a high-heel fetish. But just because it’s fairly new doesn’t mean it isn’t common. In fact, having a fetish for high heels is actually a super common type of sexual fantasy.

High-Heel Fetish Facts: What Does is all Mean?

Not all fetishes are created equal, but the definition of a fetish remains the same: it’s a pronounced sexual interest in something that isn’t typically thought of as sexual. A high-heel fetish is a specific type of shoe fetish in which a person has an erotic interest in high heels and can achieve arousal and maybe even sexual satisfaction from the shoes. A person with a high-heel fetish may experience one or more of the following:

  • Looking at high heels causes sexual arousal
  • Touching high heels causes sexual arousal
  • Hearing heels click and clack on the floor elicits excitement
  • Seeing a partner and/or strangers wearing high heels creates sexual excitement,  both in and out of the bedroom
  • Sexual stimulation may be achieved using high heels as “toys”

Having a high-heel fetish doesn’t automatically mean you have a foot fetish. While it’s true that a person can have both a high-heel fetish and a foot fetish, many people who experience arousal from shoes have no interest in feet and can even be turned off by feet.

High-heel fetishism can also come in many forms. One person may be affected by closed-toe stilettos, while another may prefer sky-high strappy sandals. Some love ‘em all, as long as the shoes have high heels.

What Triggers A Love Of High Heels?

Scientists have yet to discover an exact cause for why a person develops certain sexual fetishes, but there are many theories as to why someone might eventually fall in love with high heels:

  • A childhood experience such as a teacher who wore heels
  • High heel exposure via pornographic magazines and videos
  • A dislike of feet that morphs into a love of shoes

Other hypotheses include

Both the Feet and the Genitalia Occupy the Same Brain Cortex

Foot fetishism may be caused by crosstalk in the brain, says neurologist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran. The feet and genitals occupy adjacent areas of the somatosensory cortex and could, as he describes interchange. The theory doesn’t address high heel fetishism, but it helps explain a sexual fascination with feet. In fact, Ramachandran backed up his claims with amputees who reported having orgasms in their feet.

How To Satisfy A High-Heel Fetish

Making the most of your high-heel fetish depends on what exactly excites you when it comes to high-heel shoes. If you’re a sucker for the whole female-power aspect, perhaps ask your partner to don her favourite pair and spontaneously seduce you. If watching your partner in heels is your thing, consider asking if you can pick out a pair of high heels for her to wear on date night. And if the shoes themselves arouse you, hope for an open-minded partner and ask if she minds if you bring a new pair of heels to bed as what could be thought of as a bit of a threesome (or a foursome if you count both shoes).

No matter which way you ask your partner to help you satisfy your craving for high heels, it’s important to consider his or her comfort and boundaries. For example, rather than asking your partner to hobble around in impossible stilettos for hours on end, have her pop the shoes on just before you plan to get frisky. After all, a comfortable partner is much more willing to indulge you when it comes to sexual fetishes.


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